Monday, May 31, 2010

Day 37

May 31st

We had the lamest PT this morning. It's the beginning of a 6 day cycle that each band does. We started with man makers across the parking lot that had a burpee at every turn around point. Since only 4 people went at a time each individual only got like 6 minutes of PT time. NOT worth getting up at 5am for! Inspection went well this morning, I didn't get any bad comments on my boots! Other than feeling bloated and sore in the stomach all day, it was a pretty good day. We spent the morning in rehearsal and then after a hort break we did some brass choir stuff while the percussion and woodwinds did their own thing. Then it was off to lunch. I'm getting sick of the food here already and I've put myself on a toasted sandwhich diet. It seems to be the only thing that doesn't gross me out! After lunch we were on the parade square and we got to march with our instruments!! That was a lot of information all at once. We had to march in line with the row and column. Plus we had to look to the front for flag signals and listen to the drum for marching cues...not to mention play :P Well, I had a lot of fun! Then we had another band rehearsal and called it a day after getting set up for sectionals tomorrow. After supper we all brought our bearskins to get bathed and brushed and shaped. Hopefully mine winds up looking beter than before. Then we had the evening to polish boots and go to the gym and pool. I am addicted to the elliptical and was on it for another 1/2 hour before doing more upper body. This upper body will really come in handy when I have to stand forever holding my euphonium. Then I ended my evening with some lap swimming. I am starting to do 4 front crawl, 4 breast stroke just to give myself more of a cardio workout. Who knows, by the end of the summer I may be able to do 40 lengths of just front crawl!

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