Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 7

May 1, 2010 I have decided that I like to run wtf? I am apparently good at it. We did a 3km group run around the camp and I was able to do the whole run without stopping. I looked around at one point and there were only 10 of us running because the other 10 had fallen behind. I have never seen that many people throwing up or heaving at the side of the road! Does that actually help anything? I don’t know because I have never had to throw up while working out before. I think I am getting better at push-ups again. This is a great feeling and I am so glad that I prepared myself physically for this training course. The rest of the day was super easy. We were in classes pretty much the whole day. There was a bit of drill review and we learned to salute while on the march and how to wheel (turn). The fun part was a drill competition where we played till the last man standing. We also did super well on our inspection today. It was pretty much a great day. Since we have the day off tomorrow, some of us decided to go for another run just to work on cardio. It turned into more of a jog/power walk with conversation and occasional push-ups along the way. When we were about to go for another 3km loop I got a blister on my left baby toe. Poopers, my first blister and it was totally self inflicted! At least we have all day tomorrow to air out our feet and be off of them as much as possible. I will try to right more tomorrow after a good night sleep. We get to sleep in till 7am! Hey when you have to be ready to run at 5:25, 7am is a big sleep in!

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