Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 13

May 7th PT this morning was with the warrant. We jogged out to the obstacle course to do our warm up and stretch and I thought we were going to give the course a shot. Well actually our group PT is not good enough for that yet. So we went for a “run”. That was the most pathetic excuse for a run ever. When we run as a group it’s more like a quick tip toe. When we were on our final turn I still had the energy to “run” with my knees high just to get my heart rate up. The running ability of this group is very poor. I thought I would be one of the worst runners and always struggling to keep up, but luckily I am not! I was actually surprised when we turned around to go back. We spent the rest of the day learning weapon drills plus the standing and laying down firing position. I fell asleep in one class and drifted quite often in others. Spending the whole day doing the same thing can get really boring. We actually had some evening classes that were interesting. We went outside and practiced aiming at a target while laying down and then holding that position while the target was covered with a sheet of paper. This paper had a hole in it that we had to line up with where we thought the target point was. My 5 guesses were all no more than 3cm apart. The winner was at 1.9cm and second place was a tie at 2.2cm. Then we laid down and aimed at the targets while the staff put pennies on our rifles while we shot. (the idea was to keep the penny on while shooting, and I did!) After a long day (till 8:15) we had to go inside and clean the bolt of our rifle and hand it in. Then we had to clean the rest of the rifle again. Good thing we have not actually shot it yet! In addition to that, we had to get ready for an inspection that would be one of the deciding factors in whether or not we’d get Sunday off. Oh, and i forgot to mention that we did over 200 push ups throughout the day today!

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