Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 10

May 4th uuuuuup early for 5:30 PT. Man was I ever tired this morning! We did circuit training which basically means that you partner up and one person runs while the other person does the designated exercise at the station. When you finish running the lap, you switch tasks with your partner. We did this for over ½ an hour, but I thought that was pretty light! It was raining the whole time and when we got to the station where we had to lay on our backs, we lay smack down in the puddles! Our shower time and inspection went well this morning and the day was just all around pleasant. Ironically our afternoon was a presentation on stress management and how to identify when someone has post traumatic stress disorder and other related things. It was by far the most relaxed afternoon ever. Then to our surprise the master corporal took us back for dinner and told us to change into civvies which basically means regular clothes and not combats! We had a 30 minutes for supper and then the evening off! Also, we all got mother’s day cards to send home!

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