Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 22

May 16th
Today was great. We got to go into Ottawa for 10 hours! I went with Stevenson, Alexi and Wherle and our first stop was at second cup for some internet time. Unfortunately, the internet was really slow there this time. So, we decided to go downtown and check out other places. We took the bus and went to Rideau Mall which was where we had lunch. I had sushi! Then we had some internet time at starbucks where the connection was better. Our next stop was a touristy walk around parliament hill and to the bayward market. I bought a pair of earrings, a mango and some chocolate. We also took a ton of pictures! Then we went back to the Bayshore mall and while my buddies had dinner I went to get some internet time with my family. It was nice to talk to all of them and to see Sam! I pretty much chatted until the mall was closed and I had no power left in my computer. Then we went back to the base and I discovered that ppl were out drinking again. I honestly thought I had left public school and left childish behavior when I got here, but apparently not. Honestly If you want to drink, do it early in the day so you can sober up before coming back to camp. But no, the cool and tough thing to do is to show up still drunk so you can be one of the cool guys and fit in! Well, some of the drunken ppl got locked out of their room because they could not keep track of their stuff; another punched a hole through the wall because he could not find his stuff or keep his anger under control. I am getting seriously annoyed with the childish behavior from certain course members. On that note, I need to keep control of my attitude towards this behavior and realize that I am not better than them because we are one unit right now. So we were kept up till 11 by 2 rifle inspections and some drill. I really didn’t mind any of it other than the fact that the inspections made me tear down everything I had organized for the next day. Grr. Well, at least the time spent away was nice.