Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 15

May 9th Today we were outside at 6:55 for breakfast and since it was so windy, we had huge problems walking in time with each other. This should not be an excuse because when audio fails, visual should kick in but it didn’t. So we had an inspection. The inspection sucked because no one was expecting it. So we continued with the review that we were promised and then had to re-do the inspection. Not a big deal at all. After that we were all free to go into the city and do whatever. My group went to the mall and got some intense internet time and had a Moxie Lunch. Then we did some shopping for essentials like floor cleaner and Lysol wipes. Man, we had so much fun and I got to talk to ppl in Winnipeg! Then we came back to camp and had a jam session after practicing some rifle drills (see video). Now I think I should study some terminology and clean up for tomorrow.

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