Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 25

May 19th
Today was my first day on sick parade for PT. That really sucked because they went for a run and I really wanted to join. I decided to do a bit of cleaning while I was waiting but the run was so short that they came back very early and everyone just did their own cleaning. The rest of the day was a continuation of boring first aid. We started with a test that no one studied for and then I adopted the sleeping position for the day. I passed the first aid test easily and decided that all military tests are complete jokes. Today was really boring. We were all happy to find out that the ruck march for tomorrow morning is cancelled. I still have to go to the hospital and I’m thinking I will just need a bit of physio or something. Sitting in the classroom for two days has helped a bit but my foot is still stiff every time I stand up again. We had a nice surprise and got off at 6:30! I called Oma and Opa Hanyecz to chat a bit. We basically spent the evening chilling playing cards and such. Alexi and I had a singing in the shower party! This is the last time we all sleep at Connaught Ranges! (I’m going to miss the food!) ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz…

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