Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 16

May 10th
It seems like Mondays are all around not good days for us. To our surprise we started with a short PT ruck-march. I personally can’t complain about that because I find them difficult and was able to make it to the end of the whole march! Inspection on the other hand was not as great. Some people were still slacking off on Sunday and had dirty rifles. This resulted in 2 more inspections in the evening until they realized that they never actually showed us how to clean the magazines! So 4 of us spent almost 2 hours in the sinks washing mags. Now they will be clean for a LONG time! The day was pretty slack. We had our weapons handling test in the morning which meant a lot of waiting around while ppl were getting tested. I passed my test on the first try but not everyone did. Then we started the drill tests after lunch and I passed that on the first try too! After we all completed our testing we did some basic fire safty course. These courses are so repetitive and annoying already, I can’t even express how annoyed I am. Then we had a review for tomorrow’s written test which was hilarious! They basically gave us 30 of the 40 possible questions that could be on the test. Now all we had to do is study the questions! The worst thing that happened today was while we were cleaning our kit for Tuesday’s inspection. One of the recruits in the guy’s section left his weapon unattended and not under lock. One of the Master Corporals decided to visit the shacks to see if they needed help with anything and just picked up the rifle. He walked round with it for a while and then left. This made the guy who lost it very nervous and then we were all called to line up outside for a wonderful lecture. I realized tonight that if you yell loud enough, you can actually hear 4 echoes across the camp! All jokes aside, I don’t think the recruit will be leaving his rifle unattended anymore.

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