Saturday, May 22, 2010

Day 27

May 21st
Today was another early start but at least it was the last early start before we got our leave pass! I woke up at 5:30 to prep for grad parade and had to do a last minute boot polishing. That was a bit of a scramble and I don’t think I will be leaving boot polishing for the next morning ever again. We formed up in the fish bowl and got inspected before going to breakfast at 7am. After breakfast we spent the morning practicing for the grad parade which started at 10am. During the practicing and the actual parade I learned that it’s going to suck to stand still for long periods of time in the heat. For the first time my feet were actually getting sore and hot where I was putting my weight. After the parade we had a BBQ with all the officers and staff from our BMQ training. That was a lot of fun! Then we got our instruments and were shown how to iron our clothes properly. FINALLY we were free! We all took trips to Wal-Mart on our own time and in groups. Alexi and I did a decent shopping trip and bought better bedding for our rooms. I also bought a kettle for tea and instant coffee! I am planning on being comfortable here. After that adventure we had dinner and then got to work in our rooms. After cleaning up from the shopping spree, I sorted music and cut the liner out of my beret. We were planning on going out tonight but I am so tired that I requested a rain check for tomorrow evening. I can’t wait to sleep under my bedding with a pillow that has support! It’s really great to be back in civilization and have things like internet or a bathroom whenever I want. I spent the evening in my parade boots to start breaking them in. I can already feel the points where I could potentially get a blister.

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