Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 11

May 5th We got up nice and early again to do a ruck march. Wooo hooo, exciting….not! but really the exciting part was that the march was a lot shorter than we expected. It was only 3 km and we were holding our rifles the whole time. We all thought we were going to go for 2 laps when we walked towards the shacks but we were pleasantly surprised when the lieutenant stopped us. Inspection went pretty well for 1 section which is my section. 2 section seems to be having some problems with dust and getting things done as a team. Anywho, the morning lectures consisted mostly of WHMIS and MSDS basics. That was great because I have done that so many times at work and this was just a more detailed review. After lunch we had one of our last drill classes which sucks because I like drill! We learned how to salute with arms, present arms, ground arms and it’s all a blur now but I’m sure we learned some others too. Now that we are carrying weapons around all the time, they need to be under constant supervision. That means that when we are eating, two ppl have to stand outside for a shift and watch the rifles while their relief partner eats quickly and then trades places with them. It’s called “century duty” and I went for the first shift with my roommate at supper. After supper we had to clean our window sill like hard core because there was dust in it.


  1. Hahahaha, "century" duty. It's actually "sentry" duty, a sentry is a guard at a point of passage. That gun is pretty crazy, but kind of cool! What's with all those pieces that look the same? Are those magazines? The scope excites me.

  2. oops, my bad on the spelling again lol. Yes, those things that all look the same are magazines. They are an adventure to take apart, clean and put back together. There is a big spring in the inside.