Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day 38

June 1st

Hello June! Our PT this morning was Ultimate frisbee!! I have not played that since high school and learned that I can catch anything, but I can't throw a frisbee to save my life. We had a presentation from the COs followed by sectionals for most of the morning. I have learned how to sit with my eyes closed in a semi-sleeping state while still paying enough attention to know what's going on. In sectionals we started playing the slow marches that we have to memorize. It's going really well especially since I'm the only new member in the tuba/euph section. So I just have to catch up on my own time and rehearsals go really well. After lunch we did some of those slow marches out on the parade square and practiced going from slow march to fast march. We also did wheels today! I feel much better about marching today than yesterday. I actually know what is coming when I see the signals. Now the trick is to see and hear them all the time! Some ppl suggested to me that I just do the drill and not worry so much about the playing for now. I will do that next time! After that we reviewed our slow marches again. Before our day ended we checked out our bears and gave them a quick brush through. I spent the evening preparing for tomorrows room inspection, practicing and going to the gym.

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