Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 21

May 15th
Can you believe it, we had no PT again! However, we started the day off with a test that we all forgot to study for. Oh well, I’m sure we all got 100% again. Really, it’s impossible to fail a military test. Then we had a French fire fighter come in and give us a morning of fire safety. I got to use a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher on a simulated fire. It was fun!! After lunch we learned how to do drills and all kinds of stuff wearing our bunny suits to prepare for the gas chambers. Then there were some drills that were done by demonstration only such as using the “washroom”. Most funny moment in the course was when the sergeant was demonstrating how to pee and shit in the bunny suit. Another highlight of the day was when we had to wear our gas masks for evening PT. I had a blast and other ppl were super struggling. I think I actually like to run now! Then we had an epic soccer game in our masks. I was the goalie again and this time someone fell on my head, it was cool! Then we cleaned mags and went to bed

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