Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 35

May 29

I had a nice sleep in today and then joined Derek Stevenson on a Walt Mart trip. He had to buy some stuff and I decided to return my ironing board since my room mate brought a larger one from home. We also found some large tins of kiwi shoe polish there. This was exciting because they have been out of that brand for a while. I also bought some instant oatmeal for those sleep in mornings! Then he hit chapters and I went into Lob laws (pretty much a superstore) and bought bananas, bread and jam. I'm all set for sleeping in! When we came back, we picked up Bae and took off for the Gleab neighborhood garage sale. It was intense! There were so many ppl involved and there was even an entire school that was selling stuff as a fundraiser. I bought a bit of jewelry for $3 and 2 jars of chocolate honey! We stayed out until 1:30 and then had lunch at Carleton. Then we picked up Alexi and went to the War Museum which was really worth going to. We spent 3 hours there and I only made it through 3 of the 4 sections at me own pace. I am glad that we went because I understood so much more because I went through basic training. The 34 page history package that we had to read came in handy! Also the fact that I had shot a rifle helped put things into perspective. Reading up on what civilian life was like during the war made me very thankful for the life I have today. If anyone decides to go to Ottawa some day, I highly recommend the War Museum as a "must see". When the museum closed, we walked to the Byward Market and started looking for a place to eat. I forgot the name of the place we wound up (typical me) but I would not recommend it. Our waiter was really bad and the food was overpriced. To top it off, when Alexi got up to pay no one would help her! The waiters were all just walking past her while she was standing there with cash in hand. Seriously, some ppl would have walked out without paying at this point lol. After she paid, we walked through the market and ran into some street performers who were just finishing up their actobatic show. It was pretty cool to watch! Then the boys decided to take the bus home and the girls decided to walk. It took us a good hour and a half because we stopped so Alexi could get a coffee and I could get a band aid for a blister. On the way back we found a wallet on the ground and picked it up. We sent the guy a message over facebook to identify some things that were in the wallet so we can make sure we are returning it to the correct person. Man is he ever lucky that we picked it up and not some ppl who would keep it for themselves! I was tired from walking all day, so I went to bed early (10:30).

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