Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 2

April 26th
We were up at 6 and met at 6:40 to head off to breakfast. The food here is actually good when it comes from the mess tent. Thanks Chris for assuring me that Connaught has good food and yes, Thursday evening is steak night! After breakfast we were given time to brush our teeth lol it’s too funny here. You really don’t have to think about anything because they tell you when to do everything. When we go from one place to another on the camp we are almost always marching in ranks. We went back to the classroom and were split into our sections. I am in 1 section but we only have 2 sections. 2 Section got to do a Wal-Mart run for things they needed like boot polish etc. We did not go because there are only 2 vans to take us. Instead, we got to “hurry up and wait” which is totally the motto here. About half of our section got their autobiographies back because they could not follow directions. No, I didn’t get mine back! So we spent the morning getting to know our section. Then we went for lunch which was weird because we really didn’t do anything.
After lunch we all got on the bus and went to get fitted for various gear. 1 Section got their kit and green clothes while 2 Section got fitted for their Guard Gear which is on order now. Tomorrow we will switch because this took almost 4 hours to do. We did not get back for dinner until 5:45! Also, I have to thank Mr. Wahl for teaching me to be so observational at Elmwood. I can’t believe how many details I am noticing compared to what flies by the other recruits. Also my newly learned ability to read ppl has made for some very entertaining moments in my head. We got another boxed dinner and I decided not to eat the 600 calorie 2500mg salt sandwich. Instead I ate the granola bar, apple, apple sauce, cheese slice, raisins and one juice box. I’m going to start hating these boxed meals pretty soon! Again with the whole being observant thing, I noticed all the nutrition info on the first day while the rest of the recruits only discovered this today. After dinner we got to do our Wal-Mart run. That was also hilarious! We got 25 minutes to do what we had to do, so I buddied up with my roommate and we found the 3 items we needed pretty quick. She is fairly knowledgeable about the military and such and already had a lot of what we needed. Thanks Stacy for hooking me up! Anyways, the funny part was that the girls were out first and waited for 10 minutes before the first guy was done. Then our “officers?” came and were checking their watches and such while the rest of the guys came 5-10 minutes late lol. Yay for being prepared! The crappy part about today was that we had to put our name and the last 3 numbers of our service number on every piece of equipment that we got today. Poopers. Well I’m going to bed, we get to run tomorrow morning! Finally some movement!

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