Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 32

May 26th

Today started at 6:50am with role call and breakfast. After breakfast we got the epilette for our shoulders on our DEUs. Then we all gathered in the Band room for a moment of silence for a canadian soldier who died across seas. After that the BMQ group went to the parade square and did drill in 33 degree weather. It was soooo hot and we were in long black pants. I had sweat running down my spine and dripping off my face, brutal. We got a half our break before lunch to cool off in our rooms which don't have air conditioning anyways. I opened my door and found a huge box in my doorway. It had my name on it so I thought it was part of my uniform, but it also had mom's name on it. Then I realized it was my rollerblades and ripped them out of the box and ran down the halls laughing! I didn't realize till later that I let my door close, thus locking my keys and beret in my room! Poopers. Well i got a housekeeper to open the door for me and things were good. Funny, that's the only time I've ever seen s housekeeper in here... After lunch we were on the square until 2:30. I found out that the humidity made it feel like 42! Then we took off downtown to get our temporary military IDs and then we were set free for the evening! I got my parade hat and other snazzy things that must have a purpose. After polishing my boots again I bought some goggles and a back pack to hold my rollerblades when I go downtown with them. I immediately put both items to use and went to the pool for some more laps. I did 40 lengths or 20 laps (my room mate is a swimmer and taught me the lingo lol). This was so much easier with goggles. Then i got to talk to Dustin...yay!... and that's it for today!

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