Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 12

May 6th This morning’s PT was super fun! We were told to get outside with our rucksacks and in combats and then to our surprise we were told to put our rucksacks back in the shacks! Then we ran off to the track and learned how to do lifts for when you carry a wounded person off the battlefield. That was awesome! The Lieutenant thought it would be fun to do a relay race between the 2 sections. Our section had an odd number of ppl so some of us did another round with the extra person. I would up doing an extra round and had to carry a 195lb guy in the “bridal carry”. That was intense! Also, I counted up how many eggs I’m eating in one day and today I ate at 6 eggs in various forms...hello protein! Man does that ever make you fart lol. The morning consisted of learning how to take apart and clean our weapons. That was a lot of fun and there are a lot of parts that we have to learn and clean. In the afternoon we had a presentation on harassment and discrimination. There was a really cute video about a teacher in a 3rd grade class and how she did a social experiment with them. One day she said that the blue eyed ppl were smarter and better than the brown eyed ppl. Then she influenced those facts for a whole day and gave the blue eyed ppl privileges that the brown eyed ppl didn’t get etc. The next day she said she made a terrible mistake and said that the brown eyed ppl were better. She used flashcards with the children as a learning took in one subject and found that the children did better when they were in the superior group. They were much faster and more accurate at the exercise. On the third day they had a class discussion about race and such. Apparently this teacher has made it her career to go to workplaces and institutions that are having difficulty working together and putting them through similar experiences. I really enjoyed this video, and the kids were cute too! After that we learned how to fill the magazines with ammo and empty them too. Random I know, but there was time for another class so we just did it. Then we were off to dinner and I’m starting to eat less now simply because I have never eaten this much in my life and I would like to come out of this in better shape than I was going into it. I’m not eating bad food, but I’m really eating a lot, probably because it’s so good lol. Tonight was the first night that we had to clean our entire rifle for inspection. Then I noticed that some of us continued to work and clean things, but there were some ppl who decided to hang out and do nothing until 10pm. This sucked for the half of us who were done and wanted to get to sleep early. That’s what I’m going to do now, but before I go I have to mention that 2 people have left the course and another 2 people are on sick parade. Don’t worry, I’m still hanging on!

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