Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 14

May 8th So we got out for PT and stood there waiting…. Then we were told to go inside for 10 minutes because the warrant was not here yet….Then we played soccer! Man I have not done that since like elementary school. I tried to remember what I was good at back then and it was defense and goalie, so I chose goalie. I did pretty good! We won 3-2 and the 2 that I let in were totally out of my reach anyways. One went over my head and looked like it was going over the net, but then went under at the last second and the other was just a really good shot that I had no chance of saving anyways. This was followed by another exciting day of rifle drill and review classes. In the afternoon we had a lot more breaks between classes and while we were waiting we started singing group songs and doing all kinds of body percussion along with it. Although our morale was super high, the weather was really shitty all day long. It was cold and raining and windy! Oh well, after dinner we did some weapon drill practice on our own and then I went to the gym with Cramer and Alexi. I have never really done anything on the elliptical before but I spent ½ hour on it and decided that I like it! We are hoping to go tomorrow and do weights.


  1. Just think, you're already two weeks done!

  2. Everything sounds like you are having fun. We miss you here. Let us know when you are finnished training.