Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 26

May 20th
Today was the day we moved into Carlton University! The staff at Connaught made sure we had a memmorable last morning though. They ran through the halls waking us up at 4:45am yelling at us to get up and get dressed. After we had all formed up, they told us to go back inside and get our rucksacks. I knew right away that they had not cancelled the march after all, but I was on sick parade for the morning anyways! Also i had gone to bed early because i knew i had to be ready at 6am. We were all marched over to the classrooms to drop off our weapons and do a warm up. Anywho after the group was gone, the three of us who were on sick parade did a bit of clean up with the rifles and then left for the hospital at 6am. I wound up in the physio area and waited for an hour in the doctors office and by waited I mean slept lol.When the doctor came she was really good and efficient. She wound up giving me insoles because I need arch support. Now I can walk without limping!! When I got back to the shacks everyone was cleaning again so i joined in, but since I was almost done I wound up taking a nap! After lunch we had our end of course interviews and then after supper we packed up the bus and left! The bus ride over was so much fun. We sang songs the whole way to Carlton (mostly dirty songs lol). During the unload I was one of the ppl who lowered things off the back of the bus. That was some fun upper body strength time! After some final instruction we were given the evening to settle into our rooms. The rooms are so much nicer and I have space to unpack! I got myself all organized and enjoyed some quiet time and privacy for the evening.

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