Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day 20

May 14th
No PT again this morning. That was great because it gave us a bit more time to get ready for inspection and we were all tired from being in the sun all day yesterday. The inspection went really well! We all had spotless weapons and answered the questions from the CO’s correctly. I was so nervous about those questions, but they were super easy! They said we deserved a reward and that we did a great job. Next we were off to the range again, but this time it was only a 300m range. That was nice because it saved us a lot of walking (or so we thought). One section went first again. We did timed shots and some exercises where we had to run up the hill and assume the position that was required. Lunch was yet another lovely boxed lunch and to my surprise, I ate it all. Oh my freaking goodness! Then 1 section went into the “butts” to move the targets around. There were individual “holes” that we all sat in last time when we were changing the markers in the “butts”, so the joke on the way to the butts was “hey, can I trade butt holes with you?” These butts were so cool! It was a long tunnel and the markers were on the coolest chain stands. My favorite part was when we did the 4 second exposures over and over again. Then we all went back for a dinner and they told us that all the food had to get eaten. I didn’t believe them so I didn’t eat stupid stuff like putting 5 butters into my soup and cheese wiz on everything etc. Then the warrant told us that they can’t actually force feed us and that they were kidding. It was too funny because some guys just ate 21 meat balls and others had like 6 slices of bread with three butters on each. I personally just ate the regular amount and gave away all my potatoes! Then we all re-shot the test because 5 people failed. Then we watched as the instructors demonstrated double tapping and automatic shooting. After that we got to try and it was sooo much fun! Then we were on to the night shoot portion because it got dark super fast. I found out that I have pretty good night vision compared to other ppl. Then we had to go back into the butts and clean up. That sucked because it was dark and getting cold. The final clean up step was finding all the spent casings on the grass. That made for a long night.

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