Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 33

May 27

We got up for a 5:20 PT start time this morning. We did a 3.2km "run". I'm getting sick of these lame excuses for runs. I can't wait till we go faster and farther. I find myself going to the gym a lot to get that workout satisfaction. After PT we got a lot of time to get ready and go for breakfast and then get to the band room for 7:30. At this point we had to march out to the parade square and get our uniforms inspected. We were wearing forge hats for the first time and I had mine on too low in the back. This created pressure points on my forhead especially on the right side. I don't know how this is connected, but that pressuse was making me want to throw up. I was getting super nautious and gross feeling. After we were inspected and stood at ease I quickly tapped my hat up to get it off my forhead. I know I should not be moving like that, but it's better than throwing up! By the time we stared marching again the feeling of throwing up was nearly gone. Then we marched back to the band room for our first rehearsal. Good sight reading practice and fasty blasty just as I was told. The band had over 90 players so I guess it's difficult to keep it quiet, but i could hardly hear myself! We got some band standards handed out to us too: Festive Overture, 1st suite in Eb, English Folk song suite and Hounds of Spring. After an hour of rehearsal we went out onto the parade square to do the same drill as yesterday but as a full band. We got split up into two groups and the two officers who were leading us were having some friendly competition as to whos group was better! It was too funny! After lunch the recruits had some pretesting practice for our QL3's and QL4's. This is basically a music test at two different levels. There is a theory and aural component that we reviewed today and if we pass those with 60% or more then we get to do the practical(playing) part of the exam. If we pass level 3 and 4 then we are elligiable for promotioin next year. The practice was pretty easy so I don't think I will have a problem. Then we had another quick rehearsal and the day was done! sorta. We had time to go for supper and relax but we had to meet at 6pm for a boot polishing party. I polished for 3.5 hours today. crazy! Then Bae and I went to the gym to do upper body. I think he might be a more regular gym buddie. yay!

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