Sunday, May 23, 2010

Day 29

May 23rd

Today I got up early to go to breakfast. I think I should have slept in instead! When you show up late there is no oatmeal left, GAH! So i took a banana for tomorrow morning lol. I went to Church with Derek Stevenson. The Pastor there remembered me and same with the song leader. cool! They even have something called a welcome folder that they had prepared for me. I have not looked through it yet, but it has a description of what a mennonite is and contact info for the church etc. After we got back and had lunch Stevenson, Alexi and I went out in search of the war museum. There were two locatons online so we chose the one that was easier to get to. Turns out that that is the old museum and it is closed now. So we wound up going to the Art gallery instead. It was pretty big and I recognized a lot og paintings in the canadian section. After is closed, we walked to the river and sat in the sun/breeze for a while. Then we came home for dinner and I spent the evening polishing 1 of my boots and talking to ppl back home. Amazing how long it took to do one boot. I think tomorrow will be dedicated to the other boot!

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