Sunday, May 9, 2010

day 1

I made friends with a bagpipe and drum major. I have learned so much about playing the bagpipes! I didn’t even think that they can’t articulate notes. Because of that they have to do trills and grace notes to articulate. There are so many different names for the different ornamentations and I’ve never heard of any of them. The pipers and drummers have to memorize their music. Boy am I ever happy we don’t have to do that! I also learned that the pipes only play in one key, although I could have figured that out if I took the time to think about it. They also speak about the different pieces based on their time signatures and styles of music. It’s nice to hear them practicing together lol. After the cool Jam session we had to go do paperwork to get paid etc. We were also given an assignment to write an autobiography. There were very clear simple instructions about how to format the hand written assignment, but some ppl still didn’t get it. I am starting to learn that I am actually very good at paying attention and following instructions. We started learning how to march in two ranks and a few other basic commands.

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