Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day 31

May 25th

Today marks 1 month of being in Ottawa. Stevenson, Alexi, Beare and I woke up and went for a 6:30 run for half an hour this morning. It felt awesome and I realized once again that I am not a bad runner after all. We also ran past the Officers doing their PT stretching. It was funny because our Lieutenant was in the group! Then Alexi and I did the P90X ab workout before giving in to a shower and breakfast. I spent the morning shopping and bought some things for the room plus a shirt and a pair of sweat pants. Then I came back for lunch and met my room mate. She is totally cool! The first thing I saw in the room were her rollerskates! She plays French Horn and likes to practice. She also like to run and swim. Looks like between Allison and Chelsea Alexi I will have a gym partner most of the time. So Allison and I went to practice in the afternoon and then I did some laundry before supper. After Supper and Laundry I googled fine dining in Ottawa and found a few nice places worth checking out with Dustin. I think we have agreed on one called the Courtyard. It's a four star and look super snazzy. Once I had properly digested, I went to the gym and to the pool for the rest of the evening. Apparently I have forgotten how to go to the pool. I forgot my lock, hairbrush and the fact that I need to wear goggles and contacts if I want any hope of seeing anything. So next time I go to Wal Mart I need to pick up some goggles. I wonder if I could get contacts downtown? Well my boots are done for now and I need to get sleep for tomorrow morning!

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