Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 9

May 3rd this was the day of hell :s I’m sure that at least 6 ppl cried today. So let me tell you what happened! We started off with a 3.5km rucksack march which isn’t a lot, but when you’ve never done one before….so a few ppl fell behind, my roommate rolled her ankle and it was just all around a bad PT. Then we got 20 minutes to shower and get ready for breakfast which is fine, but it was raining and we got so much mud in the shack and started freaking out about cleaning it up. So some girls thought it would be a good idea to do a sink shower. Meanwhile I already had my shower stuff in the shower (I do that the night before) and jumped right in. I really didn’t want to be in sweaty feet for the rest of the day. Well we wound up being late getting into line to leave for breakfast, mostly because ppl didn’t have their stuff organized the night before (like what were they doing all day on Sunday?) so they couldn’t get ready quickly. After breakfast we were running behind from being late so we got 5 minutes to get ready for inspection. That really sucked because our boots were dirty from the PT rucksack march and same with the floors. We did our best, but we were late and not prepared. Again, I can’t stress how important it is to be ready the night before. My roommate and I were ready and teamed up so that she did the bathrooms and I did the bedroom. 3 out of 7 girls had their beds flipped, but not me…phew! Ironically it was the girls who were not prepared who got their beds flipped lol. The boys didn’t have the greatest inspection either. Some of their beds got flipped and I hear they also have a few lazy members on their team. So, after the terrible inspection we got shit and then went off to class. We got our rifles this morning and learned how to do safety checks and that we pretty much need to do a safety check every time we move the rifle! Lectures and drills were fine for the day but the fun started again in the evening. The commanding officers instructed us to drink some water and get under our covers to sleep. We were re-doing the morning Next, we had to get outside in our combats and rucksacks for another rucksack march. It went well until they made us do a running drill with it. That’s when I pulled my hamstring, but I finished my part of the run and walked on for another 1/2km. When they sped up the march for the last 1/2 , I had to fall to the side. I just couldn’t keep up with a pulled muscle, poopers. After the march they checked all of our feet for blisters and hot spots. I had swelling in both ankles and some seriously dead skin on the bottom of both of my feet. So basically my right side was pretty useless. There was another girl with a worse pull and some other general injuries. They saw my toe ring while inspecting my feet and suggested that I take it off, but I have been wearing it for years and don’t notice it. So the fun continued with showers and reporting outside for “breakfast”. Some ppl got their rifles stolen because they did not have them locked up or under supervision during their shower. They got supreme shit for that. After that we had 5 minutes to get ready for our second inspection for the day. That went much better and they let us go for the evening. After that we had a super late night of getting ready for the next day’s inspection and the same girls still couldn’t get their act together until after midnight. Some ppl never learn I guess.

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