Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 98

July 31st

Today marks the day of the Folklorama Kick-off!! Also the last parade before leave :) Parade was not so good today. I was the center marker in my rank for the first time since training phase and I played so much less because I was concentrating on maintaining a 2 pace distance from the rank in front of me. I started playing more on the third march on the way to the hill when I noticed that my rank was now only one pace behind the rank in front of us, oops. So I decided to go back to playing less to ensure that I wouldn't screw ppl up. Although I didn't play much on parade today, I did hit the high C twice on the march! We did not have an afternoon rehearsal today, so I took a nap and then went to practice before going to supper. After that I chatted with Dustin a bit which was really nice. I decided to go for another run today and I think I'm doing 5km now. I think I'm going to change my route and go around the lake next time and eventually I'd like to combine the 2 routes to make one big loop. After coming back and showering, I joined the guys in the TV lounge to watch their poker game and the Bomber game. Both games were quite entertaining but it was unfortunate that the Bombers lost. Oh well, off to bed and I wonder when I'll wake up tomorrow morning...4am?

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