Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 95

July 28th

Parade as usual. I was almost put in the second row which would have been scary! Thankfully we just changed things when we go out onto the parade square. We didn't have anything scheduled in the afternoon but I had to go to the drying trailer with other B Band members to do a damage check and a count on all the incoming tunics to prevent problems the next morning. I was also told that I'd be having my QL4 testing at some point in the afternoon. So I went to practice and did my trailer duties, but when I got back to the band room my euph was locked in with a sign on the door saying "QL testing in progress". The testing was actually happening in the lounge in the res building lol. So when it was my turn I managed to get my euph out and got ready to play. Thankfully we noticed an error before I did my test. Apparently for my list "B" selection, I was supposed to have 2 selections. The one I chose was #12 when it said #7 AND 12, not OR. oops! So I will have to get the music tomorrow and do my test tomorrow. I spent the rest of the afternoon watching Hell's Kitchen in my room. After supper a whole bunch of us went to see the NYO concert at the NACO. It was a pretty good concert all together and I really enjoyed the 1st violinist. Once again a fairly lazy day.

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