Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 83

July 16th

I got up at 3:30 wide awake and then again at 8:00. My sleep schedule is so messed up at this point, but my goal for today is no nap! Since I was up so early, I went to breakfast and then did some online reading in my room. When the feeling of taking a nap was starting to hit me, I grabbed my rollerblades and went downtown. I wound up buying a salsa CD with the intention of using it to practice. I also bought a raisin bread at the Richtree store in the mall. I tried on a bunch of clothes and once again got frustrated with how clothes are made. If I had the skills I would just make my own clothes. I don't understand some of the logic behind the clothing designs and how it is fitted. Pardon me for having muscles on my arms and a flat stomach, not everyone has love handles and feeble arms! If I knew how to take in clothing, I would buy things to fit my largest feature and then just tailor the rest to make it fit. After the frustrating time at the mall I went to the market and looked into the Lush store. My room mate has a face mask product from there and I tried it this morning. It's pretty good and I wound up buying my own. Then I figured I had spent enough and went back. After taking a shower and settling down a bit I felt like napping again! Thankfully Alexi knocked on my door asking if I wanted to go downtown with her and then walk back. Well, off we went and she wound up buying the same face mask product! We also looked into some stores in the market area, like a really tasty looking gelato place. Not only is it a gelato store, but it also has a huge candy section in the back. Also, the amount of gelato flavors and the strange assortment was cool to check out. Anyways, we made it back in time for supper and after that I worked on my second pair of boots while watching a brutal football game. No comment.

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