Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 73

July 6th

Another extremely hot and humid parade this morning. We even did our uniform inspection inside to minimize the amount of time spent outside. I decided to go into the air conditioned band room when we got to the drill hall this time. It was like a fridge in there! Thankfully no one went down today! Not only am I getting better at playing on the march, but I am getting better at playing really loud too! I listened to a few videos that ppl took of the parades and you really can't hear the bass very much. Also, on my days off I hear them doing a quick practice on the parade square and I can't hear the bass much then either. I heard at lunch today that for the rest of the week we won't be doing the full dismount because it's just too hot. We will simply walk behind the West Block of Parliment and finish up over there. When we got back to our rooms this afternoon, we were all happy to notice that the air conditioning had been fixed! We got to have an afternoon rehearsal in comfortable civis (normal clothes) and we voted to start at 1 instead of 1:30. I really don't know what ppl are complaining about here. I think this is the easiest job ever, if you can beat the heat... I spent some time before supper watching a few episodes of MASH. I miss that show lol. This evening I went to salsa class #2 and we basically did a huge review of last week and did the half turn in more detail since we only spent like 10 mins on it at the end of last class. There were 3 new ppl who showed up which was great, but slowed it down a bit. I don't mind the extra practice and I learned a bit of "styling" on the half turn. Basically it's when the ladies shoot their arms up or to the side to make it look good. Then I decided to do a power walk all the way back to Carleton. I was pleased to have done about 7km in 1hour and 10mins. When i got back I had a shower and made some organic chamomile cirtus tea. wow, that is good!

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