Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 84

July 17th

Wow, this morning was a mess in the band room for the euph section. I'm going to have to bring my march pack to my room all the time because someone took it out of the tuba room and used it.i was missing the 10 provinces and my baking card. Also, when I got my euph out of the closet it had been thrown around so bad that a trombone lyre was smashed into the side of my case. Now there is a hole! We got our stuff back from dry cleaning and that always takes a bit more time to put together because the wings don't get dry cleaned and the belt and suspenders come off too. Gah, needless to say I didn't have much warm-up time. Now I know to get down there early on the first day after leave. Parade was ok. We did 2 marches that I have never played before and only reviewed the first section of one of them in the band room. I didn't mess up my drill today which was nice! After parade Alexi and I went for a run again. I really enjoy going with her, we have a good pace and push each other to keep going! Then we showered and did lunch and I also managed to get laundry done too. In the afternoon I did my boots and watched the Sponge Bob movie with Amy lol. It was cute. After that I pretty much spent the evening talking to Dustin. Stacy also came by for a visit which was nice. She just found out that she is also teaching a section of dance! Which reminds me, I forgot to practice salsa today...poop! Oh well, it was a nice evening spent with Dustin after not seeing him much during his intense week at school. <3

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