Friday, July 30, 2010

Day 97

July 30th

I liked the parade tunes today and the weather was great too, I had the goose bumps at one point! We had an afternoon rehearsal for Fortissimo again and it only went till 2pm. I'm liking this so far. After that I took a nap and went for supper. Then I went for a much needed run for about 1/2 and hour. I really miss running and after you get started, you get into a nice groove and it doesn't feel like work at all! Then I took a shower and did some much needed practicing. I think I'm going to have to practice twice during the day so I can take a break and rest but get twice the amount of work done. I can't wait to get home and practice at church again. I really prefer practicing when no one's listening. Today the band room was full of percussionists so I took one of the practice pods. When I got back to my room I started reading a book that I got from Amy for secret Santa. It's a supplement to reading to book of Romans in the bible. I really like the supplement book and am excited to read the book of Romans! Then I relaxed in my bed for a while and went to sleep.

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