Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 89

July 22nd

Well I'm sitting around at the airport because my flight got delayed, so I might as well do my blog of the day! I think I had the worst parade so far today. My legs were so sore but my shoulders are a bit better. Plus, I got all stuffed up and had trouble breathing. Being able to use your nose makes a big difference! So I made it my goal to stay in step and do the drill. After parade we had lunch and did the same fortissimo rehearsal on the afternoon. I like the routine a lot and we are starting to get pretty confident with it. Hopefully I can post if on my facebook sometime soon. Since B band was going on leave, a lot of use were antsy to get out of there. Finally we finished at 3:30 and I took off to Kettleman's bagels to get 2 dozen sesame bagels for mom and dad. (I also got a cinnamon raisin one for myself) I managed to get my secret Santa person a gift and brought it back to my pod-mate Kristina who is going to pass it on at the party. Basically on July 25th CG does a Christmas in July party on Campus. There is a gift exchange and what else I don't know! Then I had a bit of supper and got all cleaned up to go home! Now I'm sitting here killing time because my flight is delayed for an hour. Good thing I was only an hour early or this could have been a really long wait!

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