Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 90

July 23rd

Today was the day for doing errands. I woke up at 7:30, checked over my mail and got ready to go pick up Nina. My diploma came in the mail which is making me think that I will not be attending the convocation ceremony in October. Bit of a bummer but not the worst things that could happen. So I picked up Nina and after depositing a cheque from the government, we made Starbucks our first stop. After that we hung out at my work for a while and chatted with ppl including my boss who will gladly give me some extra hours when I get back! I’m going to take an extra 8 hour shift every 2 weeks. At 11am I had a doctor's appointment for some prescriptions that we brought straight to the pharmacy. Then we swung by the church so I could check on who brought their binders back in. Looks like I need to remind Tanja, Kevin and Natalie to return theirs. I also had to go renew my driver’s license which was apparently almost 2 years expired!! Oops. I thought it was just under a year but still, that's pretty bad. The next stop was home for lunch and then off to KP. My goal was to get contacts but I wound up buying 2 shirts for "back to school" or whatever. I tried calling Gary Pollard to see if I could swing by and get some music from him but he wasn't home. Oh well, now for one of the more important stops; Mountain Equipment co-op. I bought Dustin a backpack that you can put a 3L water "bladder" into and drink out of while you are biking. The sales lady kept saying the word bladder and Nina was squirming the whole time because she had to pee! After choosing a backpack we picked up my prescriptions and went home to start getting ready for the birthday supper. Everyone came over and we had super good food, mmmmm salmon! Turns out that Dustin liked the backpack! He gave me a really nice necklace with my birthstone color on it. I also got a card and some perfume from his family which I was not at all expecting! Of course as the night went on it turned into a dance party on our deck and we worked up a good sweat.

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