Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 71

June 4th

Happy USA Day! lol We played a lot of Sousa on the march this morning. I was a bit nervous about the march while in the band room, but as soon as we stepped off I felt great and was playing a lot! I was able to play the Washington Post without taking any breaks and made it through most of El Capitan too. I felt great on the hill and I think this was my best Parade yet! We had a nice long break in the afternoon before getting ready to go on the evening gig. We met at 2:30 and took off for the US Ambassador's House. Wow, the houses there are HUGE and the whole property was beautiful and also HUGE! There were food/alchohol tents set up everywhere and they were organized by origin. There was mexican, Polish, Greek and American? There were probably more but I didn't look at all of them. There was also a dessert tent with cheese and fruit. I have not had real cheese since I started this job, and I really miss cherries, grapes and strawberries. We played our set and then we were given 45ish mins to go mingle and eat! I had 2 glasses of wine that take effect quicker when you are sweating and mildly dehydrated. There were so many cameras and news stations there, it was crazy! When we got back, I went rollerblading with Stevenson and another trombone player (can't remember his name!) who were on their bikes. We got downtown and bought fruitopia from McDonalds for $1! I got the large and I'm sure it was at least a litre. Then we were set to do the same rout that I did yesterday, but faster! We went to the Champlain bridge and went a little further to the big island where we skipped some stones and I waded in the Ottawa River. The water was really warm, probably because it's so shallow. When we got back, I was tired. So I did my boots and drank some tea. I'm amazed at how much I am drinking here. At home I can get away with not drinking anything all day, but here I drink litres and litres every day. 2 full glasses with every meal, tea in the evening plus anything they give us before parade. Oh well, I watched another episode of Hell's Kitchen and went to bed shortly after that.

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