Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 69

June 2nd

I got up pretty early today considering it was a day off. I was up by 8:30 just doing things on the computer and making breakfast. I could have gone downstairs for breakfast, but I didn't want to leave my bed or change my clothes :P After surfing the web lol I took a nap and went to lunch. I spent the afternoon cleaning and doing my kit (boots etc) and realized that one of my drawers is broken! I will have to send in an action requesst for that. I think it was broken all along because I can't fiind the screws anywhere. I spent the rest of the afternoon working out my schedule for next year and I'm planning on applying as a sub to the RETSD because it looks like I will have M/W/F off school! On T/TH I will be taking Spanish, German and Wind Ensemble. Now all I have to do is arrange my lesson time and I'm set. I will also contact the music office to see if I need to take a second ensemble or not. I have a feeling that will just mess things up for me :S After figuring out all that and when I can take students etc, I went down for supper. After that I was off to practice and ralized that I had hard core Parade chops! OH NO! I was so tight and couldn't make anything sound relaxed or start notes when I wanted to. It was very frustrating. I eventually figured things out and did a lot of buzzing. Then I took a break and went back to get some work done on my audition pieces. After about 3.5 hours of practicing, I realized that I should be doing a lot more buzzing and long tones on a regular basis so I don't sound like poop by the end of the summer.

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