Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 91 + 92

July 24th + 25th

I tried to sleep a bit this morning but still wound up waking up at 7:30! I spent the morning getting stuff ready for camping and cleaning up from the night before. Then Dustin and I did some grocery shopping for camping before going to his house to load up stuff. At 1pm we went to Vanessa's wedding ceremony. They took a picture of all the guests as they came in and we all signed the guest book right beside where our picture was going to go. I really liked that idea! After the wedding Dustin and I had lunch at my place before packing up and going to our camp site at Bird's Hill!
We got there first and set up our stuff. It was super hot outside. Slowly people started arriving and we got the party started! The fire took a bit of effort because the wood was slightly wet but once we got it going, there was plenty of food to be had. We seemed to be getting a lot of alcohol as gifts so I started serving shooters and we finished off 2 mickeys of tequila and one of Amaretto pretty quick! Oh and there was rum too, man I passed out a lot of shots pretty quick :P I was a little surprised when I heard that Dustin downed 3 rum shots in a row, but I was also too drunk and having too much fun to think twice about it. When it got dark I started making pies and they went over really well! Eating pies is just one of those things I have to do every summer. Also, corn on the cob, but that may not happen this year. Matt and Lee also brought a Genie cake which was tasty. I don't think I've ever had one before. The party kept going and it was loud and super fun. Then Dustin came to me and said he was going to bed and asked me to join him. I was a little surprised that he wanted to go so early, it was only 11pm. So we got into the tent and as soon as he layed down, he felt sick. So I spent the next 2 hours helping him out. Kinda interesting to see him go from not feeling good to throwing up to actually drunk and slurring words to passing out. It's a good thing I've been at least that drunk before and knew how to take care of him. We both woke up at 5:45am because that's when the birds sang loud enough to wake us up. Some ppl had to leave early and then we went back to sleep till about 9:30 when the next wave had to leave. I pulled out the cinnamon buns for breakfast and we played games for the morning. After packing up we played more games :) and went home. After both Dustin and I unpacked and showered I spent the afternoon/early evening with his family right before his b-day supper. We were so tired that all we could do was cuddle on the couch watching a movie (not that I'm complaining). Eventually I had to go home to get a ride to the airport. I grabbed some fruit from the fridge before going and we were off. The flight was direct and it's a good thing it wasn't delayed this time or I would have missed the last O-Train express bus. When I got back, it looked like Christmas in July had just finished and the party was moving off campus. I walked into my room and it smelled like really gross take out leftovers. So I turned the air on high, opened the window and got rid of the garbage. I don't think my room mate comes from a clean family. She doesn't notice when we have fruit flies, doesn't clean up her stuff and can't smell when the garbage needs to be changed. Guess it's back to being the mother again. I got my laundry done and unpacked my stuff just in time to fall onto my bed and sleep!

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