Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 88

July 21st

Wow am I evr sore. Parade was interesting today because most ppl were sore, but the cross fit crazy ppl such as myself were super sore. In the afternoon we did an introduction to our routine for Fortissimo. It was actually really fun and cheesy and I like it! Then I came back to my room to do nothing for a while. I am getting a head cold and my body just doesn't want to move. Eventually I made a to do list to for before I leave and one for in Winnipeg and got started on making it shorter. I cleaned the room and did some more packing. We have a room inspection tomorrow morning and we still have fruit flies here. I cleaned everything that was mine and even scrubbed the garbage cans so that nothing could possibly attract fruit flies. I know I won't have all that much time tomorrow so i tried to get lots done tonight. I also looked over the QL4 material and decided not to bring my euph home with me on leave. All I have to do tomorrow is get bagels and pack the last minute things. I spent the evening talking to Dustin after he studied for his final and then I went to bed.

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