Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 87

July 20th

Parade as usual this morning and I got complemented on my dressing! This was the first time that all of A band and all of B band were together on parade. I think I like that group of ppl. The euphonium section is strong and gets along well in those two bands. Then we had to shower, eat and get ready for our afternoon of sports which was planned from 12:45-4:45. One could choose from baseball, hockey, ultimate Frisbee and cross training. I chose to do cross training because I wasn't sure what it was and I heard it was a challenge. Wow, that was intense! Here is what we had to do. We did the "dirty thirty" style which means you do 30 reps at each station. It started with running 2 laps around the parade square, jumping up onto a 1 meter wooden box (straighten your legs at the top) Swinging kettle weights until your arm was parallel to the ground, sit-ups, lifting a weights bar from your collar bone up into the air, lifting the same bar from the ground to your chest, lunges, doing squats so that your butt touched the medicine ball and then pushing the bar from your collar bone up into the air, burpees, high jumps(jump your knees up to your hands which are held at waist level). I did all that in 30mins! I think I was one of the faster girls too. One of them almost started crying, and a guy threw up too. I think the fastest time was just over 14 mins by one of the guards. Apparently when you do this professionally, the weights are heavier and you do 50 reps instead! After that lovely time, we all gathered in the other parking lot to watch a bandie v.s. guardie tug of war. Of course the guardies won lol. They also beat the headquarters staff. Supper was a BBQ and I didn't really feel like eating after all that, so i just had a chicken breast and some watermelon. I left the BBQ and made it to my salsa class on time. This was after I cleaned some of my bearings again :S I think I will get new wheels and bearings after this summer, it's time. At salsa class we learned the cross body lead. This was more of a class for the guys, but I practiced my turn from last week and we did a lot of review too which was nice. Then I decided to rollerblade home instead of power walking because I could barely walk to begin with :P When I got back I did laundry, cleaned and made some tea. Phew, what an exhausting day!

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