Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 74

July 7th

Yay, day off! I slept in and had my usual Oatmeal in bed :) Then after some lounging, I went shopping and bought some much needed cleaning supplies and snacks. I also bought milk for my tea and Oatmeal. It's been interesting drinking tea without milk. I have been buying the ones that I drink without milk, but I have some Earl Grey that I would love to put some milk into! Then I ran off to lunch and spent most of the afternoon talking to mom and Dustin. After showing off the summer dress I bought and watching some TV with the guys, we went for supper. After supper Stevenson and I went on a 2.5 hour bike ride and explored the richer end of the city. We found the Prime Minister's house and other huge mansions. We also found the Rideau Hall property and ran around in the sprinklers there! Then we found a really nice view by an ice cream store and explored that area by going down to the water (Ottawa River) and walking around. On the way home, we biked past a really nice waterfall. When we got back, I introduced him to MASH! Ottawa is so beautiful!

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