Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 85

July 18th

Today's parade was pretty good. I got to the band room early and looked over the marches after warming up and before playing them as a band. That seemed to help a bit and I was able to play while stepping off the curb on the hill and other tricky places like that. Ha, I almost did a faceplant on the way back by stepping into a crack on the road. Surprisingly I didn't twist my ankle and stumbled right back into step with the band! We got Popsicles again on the bus ride home and of course Chelsea and I did the usual run after parade. After lunch I was online a bit and then read one of my books before falling asleep for 3 hours! I woke up at 5L30 but decided I was too lazy to go for supper and made oatmeal with coconut shavings instead. It was really good! Then I talked to Mom, Nina, Natalie and Dustin and did some planning for the weekend and Folklorama! I created a beer tent night event and started getting that off the ground. Then Chelsea and I went for a walk and I showed her the falls by the beach. When we got back, we wanted to go to the sound and lights show on the hill but Stevenson and others forgot and played soccer instead. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Then I spent the evening searching attractions in Ottawa, finding deals and chatting with Dustin :)

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