Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 81

July 14th

I love leave. I slept till 10:30ish and stayed in my room until 2pm. Sounds like a lazy day but I was actually getting things done. I did some planning for the blaeserchor and prepared some rhythm sheets that I want to use in warm-ups. We just spent a whole year working on note naming which I think is great, but the right note played at the wrong time is a wrong note. I prepared sheets in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time simply because those are the most common time signatures. I also chose a Christmas song for us to do: "And the Glory". We attempted it last year and I learned that every member of the ensemble has to be on board for something like that to work. This year the ppl in the older group are quite motivated to sound good and do more challenging pieces. I also realized that Kevin will be the only guy next year. I don't think he minds, but it does look like I favor girls or something. I will have to think of a way to get more guys in there somehow! Anywho, I registered my finale program which involved me actually purchasing the product online. It's about time I actually pay for the $10 for the product and stop mooching off the 30 day trials. So now I can save and print things! After that I took the part for Amazing Grace out of my room mates march pack and copied the horn descant out of there so that Nina, Deanna or maybe the woodwinds could use it. I really like it and I hope it works well with the harmonies in our Hymn book. Then I started writing out Kevin's part so that he is all caught up with everyone else and I don't have to worry about if he has the music or not. Unfortunately I only have one hymn book with me and the pieces we play come from more than 4 sources. I may just have to grab my binder when I go home. Then George came to my room and asked if I wanted to go rollerblading at 6. So I met up with the guys for supper and then hurried back to clean my other rollerblade. The first 2 wheels were easy to clean, but the back 2 had seized since my trip after the rain yesterday. George helped me take the bearings apart completely and brought over his de-greaser. That and spinning the bearings under hot water finally loosened them up enough to be re-greased. Close call, I thought I might have to get all new bearings. Mind you I should probably do that soon anyways since they are about 7 years old :S. Then we went for a rollerblading trip into Gatineau and back to Parliament to watch the "sound and light show" but it didn't start till 10 and we had already been out for almost 2 hours. So we decided to go tomorrow instead. When I got back there were messages on the master corporals door boards saying that there was an inspection tomorrow. Apparently they don't inspect you when you are on leave but I figured I'd take this as an opportunity to clean the room anyways. Then I showered and continued working on Kevin's music. This could take a while, I didn't realize how many songs we have played!

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