Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 78

July 11th

I still had a headache this morning, so I took some tylenol and got ready for parade. I was put in front of a snare drum this time and decided right away that I didn't like it. I could not hear myself on parade at all and that got a little frustrating. We had an extended lunch and had to be back in cerimonials at 2pm. Getting into a sweaty tunic after showering is the most disgusting feeling ever lol. Thankfully we were able to take them off as soon as we got to the performance venue. I fogot which building we were in, but it was on the Ottawa University Campus. We did a sound check/spot check rehearsal and then waited (I took a nap) for an hour and a half for the concert to start. This was part of some kind of music festival but there was no mention of the organization or anything. Mind you the MC said everything in French so I really didn't know what was going on. We were the only group performing at this venue and I found the whole thing a little strange. Oh well, we did our show of concert music for 1.5 hours or so and finished with Gibraltar! I love that piece :) We got a lovely boxed lunch and took off for "home". I spent a lot of the evening talking to Dustin and then wound up going for a walk with some ppl because I couldn't sleep. I'm super excited that Dustin has his plane ticket and room booked for August :) Can't wait to show you everything <3

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