Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 75

July 8th

I got up at 8:15 today to actually eat breakfast in the dining hall. Then I was off to see the parade and take pictures for ppl! I rollerbladed to the drill hall and took a 10 min break in the shade. I walked/ran along side the parade and took pictures like crazy! When we got to the hill I even took some pics from behind. There were not a lot of ppl out today, probably because it's so darn hot :s They did a West Block dismount and right before they finished, a guard went down. I don't understand how the guards can go down, they just march. We have to play musical phrases while marching and that takes some serious breath control! Marching without playing is like a break for us. Oh well I rollerbladed back, took a shower and posted the pics on facebook before going to lunch. Then I watched a bit of the poker game that was happening in the lounge. I got a little bored so I decided to do some lounging in my room lol. After watching an episode of Hell's Kitchen, I went for supper and found undercooked bread pudding. mmm gross...and some ppl were eating it :P Really the sandwiches are the safest thing to eat there. I got my euph on the way back and did some warm-up stuff before polishing my boots. I tried burn shining today and it worked fairly well. Then I continued with practicing and did some 4 octave scales! weeeee :) I don't know where time went but all of a sudden it was 10pm? My room mate was out for the evening so I cleaned up. I'm also looking into doing Nationals again next year. I think that's the plan, that and CG. Apparently you can get it done!

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