Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 99

August 1st

I think I solved my sleeping problem. Step 1, remove room mate from room. Step 2, cover crack of light that shines in my face every morning. Step 3, refrain from taking 2 hour naps in the can do! But seriously, covering the crack of light may be the key. I woke up at 6am because of my alarm and then continued to sleep until 7:30 at which time I decided to go for a run. This time I went around the lake instead of to the beach. It feels like that might also be 5km but I'm not sure. It took me the same amount of time as the 5km did yesterday. Then I showered and made it in time for breakfast! I joined some of the other B band ppl and found out that Jaden had the key to the band room :) so I spent almost 2 hrs practicing. Then I decided to take a break and go look at the menu for the courtyard again so I could decide what I wanted to order. When I got to the website, I noticed a blurb on the bottom that mentioned a fire that they recently had in the air ducts of the restaurant. I read the letter that was posted and realized that that was why no one was picking up the phone when I called to make reservations yesterday. They will not be opening until September, so Dustin and I have to find a different restaurant :s I spent the rest of the morning looking for options and found quite a few that I never noticed before. One of them totally had me convinced as soon as I saw it, but they are not open in the summer months for some strange reason. I managed to find 5 new ones to look at and sent them to Dustin. After lunch, some more practicing and a 3 hour nap, we met up online and quickly narrowed it down to 2. Alelier didn't have any pictures of the actual restaurant on the website and I was at the point where all the menus looked good so the mood of the interior was going to be the tie breaker. So I walked over to the mysterious restaurant and met a lady who was also looking for it! We found the address on a small building that looked like it was a house at some point. There was no sign with the restaurant name on it but when I looked inside it was definitely a restaurant. Really cozy and small and the diners sit in booths which is nice for some privacy. I'm going to go back on a tues-sat when the are open and see if I can look inside while it's up and running. Right now it looks a little sketchy, but I was talking to Emma about it and she said that a lot of places in little Italy look like that but the food inside will not disappoint! It's also only a 25 minute walk away. The neat thing about Atlier is that you just show up and get a 12 course tasting meal for a fixed price. The menu changes due to what's in season and such but it seems like a well thought out idea. The other top choice restaurant is called 18 and the menu is similar to that of the courtyard. They also have a 5 course blind tasting option for a very similar price. It looks like there is more substance to the dishes in this one whereas Atelier looks more like edible art. I think I need to sleep on this lol. Anywho, after my walk I watched "sex and the city" with Emma and then "how I met your mother" with the guys.

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