Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 93

July 26th

Parade today went really well considering I just got off leave. One part that required me to be slightly switched on was on the march off. We played 2 marches that were on the same card and had to flip it instead of doing the usual change music drill. We did this one other time in the summer and I forgot to flip it back after the march on. This time I got it and when we did the switch on the way back it was during a wheel too. So I was counting drill time, remembering to flip the card and staying in dressing during the wheel! Nerdy I know, but it was cool. Also, when we got back to the drill hall and did the final counter march, I played all the way through it and up to the halt. First time that I didn't get even a little messed up during the counter march! When I got back, Chelsea wasn't there so we didn't go for a run. I did some work online and went to lunch. After lunch I was planning to go to the beach with ppl but they cancelled. I guess everyone was tired from yesterday's Christmas in July party. I was also tired from the weekend and getting to bed late last night, so I took a 4 hour nap. I missed supper again, or rather just didn't feel like going down for it and had oatmeal instead. I should probably stop having breakfast for supper. Oh well, I did my boots while hanging with the guys and Humps fixed my skype problem for me. He just uninstalled and reinstalled it and it was fine. Then I practiced my minor scales a bit and reviewed one of my QL pieces. I really hate the piece and can't wait for this to be over. I also checked in on one of my audition pieces and was happy to note how much I remembered and how good my muscle memory was since the last time I really practiced it. I think tomorrow is going to be one of those intense practice days (hopefully). I spent some time talking to Nicki and had "tea time" with Chelsea while my room mate cleaned up her half of the room for inspection tomorrow morning.

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