Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 79

July 13

Today was the usual parade and I thought it went really well. There was a slight breeze which was really nice. However, I managed to sweat more than I ever have before. After parade we got popsicles on the bus again :) When we got back to the dorms, I went swimming with some other ppl. That was also really refreshing. I think I will alternate between swimming and an ab workout? Meh, whatever I feel like. Anywho, I took a long nap after lunch because we didn't have to be back in the band rooom till 3:45. That was great. The show went really well tonight too. After our performance which I learned today was part of the Chamber Music Festival, we got our delicious boxed lunches and then Allison, Banfield and I went to go see the Canadian Brass. It was awesome. They will be doing the same show in Winnipeg in the winter, so I will totally go see them again. I think I will invite anyone from the blaesercor who may be interested in seeing them. Anywho, after that I walked back to carleton and hung out with some of the guys for a bit before going to bed.

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