Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 96

July 29th

We had yet another room inspection this morning in preparation for random room inspections by the BSM. I liked parade today and I'm feeling a lot better about being a contributing member of the band. After parade we did a recording that will be used for rehearsal purposes for fortissimo. After lunch we had a rehearsal of our own fortissimo music and then we were dismissed for the day at 2pm! I practiced for a while but didn't last too long after a day of playing. Then I lounged around and gathered ppl up for Ethiopian food night! There were 6 of us who wound up going and it was actually a lot of fun. We shared a bunch of food and a bottle of honey wine which was very nice. then we topped it off with Dairy Queen! I have not been there in years and I wasn't really missing all that much. It's pretty cheap ice cream if you ask me. Then we walked back and I nearly fell asleep in the TV lounge. So I chatted with Dustin a bit and went to bed.

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