Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 77

July 10th

Wow, days are starting to fly by! The parade this morning was great due to the cloudy weather and slight breeze. After parade I did the P90X ab workout and got my boots done over the lunch break too. I think I'm going to start doing workouts during the lunch break more often since we have 2 hours. B band had a short rehearsal in the afternoon for the gig on Monday. After that, I stayed and practiced till 3:30 and then took a nap in my room and missed supper again :s After making my own food, I watched another episode of hell's kitchen and got all caught up. Then I checked out the poker game that was happening in the lounge. I learned a bit and eventually I think I will be joining in...just gotta learn a bit more first! The I was all excited to go to the pool since I have not been for quite some time, but I got there and realized it was Saturday = pool closed at that time. They are also on Summer hours now so I have to learn the new schedule. I decided to give Oma and Opa Hanyecz a call and see how their trip to Alaska was. It was cool to hear all the things that they did. After the call I youtubed basic salsa moves and practiced the ones I already knew and learned one more. Then I did all that in heels and it was bare feet on carpet, but I think I will have to work on my balance a bit. I think I practiced my turns a little too much because I have a bit of a headache now and i'm feeling a bit nauseous :s

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