Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 86

July 19th

Today was a rainy morning and we were all hoping that parade would get cancelled. We got ready as usual and drove out to the drill hall where we played hangman while we waited to form up. When we left the band room we heard cheering and joined in because parade was cancelled! When we got back I did the ab workout and spent most of the day not doing much at all. I caught Dustin online before going to lunch. Stacy and I decided to go swimming at 4:30 and went to supper after that. I hung around a bit more until Stevenson was bored, so we went downtown a bit earlier than planned. We went for Gelato before going to see the sound and lights show at Parliament. We waited out behind the hill and then went to find a seat around 9:15, but the sign said it was cancelled. Poopers! Oh well. Pretty much a lazy day here, but I did get to chat with Dustin again :)

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