Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 65

June 28th

PT this morning was circuit training and a lot of ppl were upset that we had to do PT before a guard mount. Personally I don't even consider it PT at this point, but more like an active wake up routine. Anyways, we had a later timing in the band room and started the morning with a rehearsal of some of the pieces we were going to use on the parade today. Then we went out for our inspection, except B Band got skipped? I napped on the bus ride to the drill hall :) When we got there we had to salute a monument of some sort, I dunno what it the drill hall we had our usual juice time and then we formed up. Here is a video of the mount when we marched off the Hill: I am marching on the edge which is weird because only tall ppl belong on the edges, so you can spot me quite easily! I was having some issues with the parade glasses they gave us. They are so fragile that anything can bend them. Mine were falling off my face all morning long and I did the "glasses drill" to push them up like 4 times before we even got into our formation on the Hill. After that I gave up and just tried to see as best as I could. The parade was a lot of fun and I knew I sweat a lot, but I have never sweat that much before (except maybe the first day when it was suuuper hot). After the parade, Jeremy and I figured since we were already hot and sweaty that this was the perfect time to go for a run! I think we did 3km, but I'm not sure. We went to the beach and back. Then I took one of the best showers of my life! I'm sure I will have a lot of those this summer lol. The afternoon was a long concert band rehearsal for some gig that is happening in July. I'm pumped to play Festive Overture again! When the work day was done, about 5 of us went to the gym and then to supper. I started practicing power walking for the BFT which is a 13km rucksack march with a total carrying weight of 50lbs. Sounds like fun eh?...not! I pull muscles so easily while power walking, so I figured I better work up to it. In the evening a group of us went out for Cimolai's birthday. That was fun and the walk back along the canal at night was beautiful!

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