Saturday, June 5, 2010

Day 42

June 5th

Wow, I'm starting to feel like the days are just slipping away! I slept in and had breakfast in bed which was wonderful. I chatted with Dustin again (we seem to be making up time from last week lol).Then after a quick shower and more food I was off to Downtown with Stevenson and Bae. We picked up some free tickets to get an indoor tour of Parliament. There was a bit of a wait before the next tour so we went to the mall. I am getting frustrated with buying clothes, especially shirts. I find nice things that are a good color for me and then they are just too big. I found a super nice tube top at Dynamite but I was swimming in an XS! Like a bit of swimming in a tube top is nice, but this was baaad. Then other stores make the shirts fit in some places but waaay to big in others. I really don't want the world to know what color my bra of the day is! Oh well, welcome to my usual shopping frustrations. Then it was time to go for the tour. We were able to see everything that was open to the public. There is also a crazy amount of security that happens there. They have a set up at the beginning like an airport, and then there are security guards all over the interior. I took some pretty cool pictures and my favorite place was by far the Library. Soooo beautiful! After the tour the boys went back on the bus and I rollerbladed back to Campus. I stopped in a few stores along the way to look around of course. With all the stopping it was still less than an hour. Although I noticed that if I ever go towards downtown on rollerblades, it will be all up hill! When I finally got back, I missed supper by 5 mins. Oh well, I have plenty of good food in my room! I had salmon and an orange and PB+J, yummy! Oh and of course...tea :) After practicing a bit two other girls and I attempted to go for a run, but one of them was having pain in her lower leg. She was really upset by it too. I can understand the frustration, I felt really useless when I was having that pain in my left foot during BMQ. All I needed was insoles and then it was better! I wonder what she might need? After that I looked up the bus v.s. the walking route to church tomorrow and I think I will bus it there and then rollerblade back and see how long it takes. If it's a nice route then I might just rollerblade every Sunday!

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